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I'm floored at the way God works. We had a chat tonight that was supposed to be about Mike's sermon this morning. We had trouble with our chat server and ended up relocating to Crosswalk and running into a teenage guy from Nefoundland who was really on fire for God! We talked about the things that all Christians struggle with... being real to people, struggling with sin, reaching people for Christ, following God's calling. It's amazing how Christians on different sides of the world are all working for the same things. God has such a masterpiece going here... how He's weaving everything together to accomplish His victory that we know is coming.

Another example of this is how my class work has been going right along with things we've talked about at Aldersgate. Examples? Our Sunday school class talked about the Quaker's use of clearness committees. I wouldn't have even known what that was, except that we read about it in class last wee…