2009 In Status Updates January-October

is recovering from the Big D NYE
is back at work.
has been playing games all night
is wasting away a Saturday
is recovering
is eating lunch
is going back to work
is dreading going out in the cold
is working on the Rotary bulletin
is back at work... again.
is soooo sleeeepy
is watching Law & Order
is reading about reverse sneezing as Meg has been doing it often the last couple of days
is just workin'
is hoping I don't have food poisoning
is NOT hurling
is content
is glad it's the weekend!!
is getting rid of all signs of Christmas
is working on genealogy
... another day another dollar
just heard that Lockney High School burned down... how sad!
is doing stuff
has already seen this episode of House
is wondering how I can get less frustrated.... and fast!
is leaving the frustration behind for a 3-day weekend
is still in her pajamas
is existing
is watching Meg stalk Mikey
is woooorkkkking... ho hum
wanted to spend this day in bed
is planning vacation
is watching the ice melt
is eating a Reese's Whipps for lunch. I love being an "adult."
is having me a lil chickn n dumplins
has cold feet
is wooorkking
is finishing up some freelance work
is living virtually and changing out laundry
is back at work... again
is feeling icky
is wishing I was a more helpful and generous person
is calling it a day
is impatiently waiting for LOST to be over so I can watch it
is just doing my thing
is going home... or to Curves? I'm thinkin' home
is sooo sleeepy
is eating lunch
is ready to go home and hug a dog... or two
is creating a family photo album so mom will be happy
is listening to the wind in the windchimes
is out of my special coffee! Oh no!
has now replenished my special coffee
is eating oatmeal and working
is losing steam
is wondering when I wrote that last status update.... I don't remember it at all!
is on hiatus from technology... see you all in a week!
is contemplating my blog
is too cynical
is listening to the Prez
is wondering why Jim wouldn't listen to the Prez
is facing the inevitable question: to Curves or not to Curves?
is watching NCIS. I guess the answer was "not to Curves."
is thankful for having a job
misses Theta Chi
is glad it's Friday
can't believe it's so cold
is playing in the dirt
is glad Mikey didn't die... yet
is thinking of maybe mowing the lawn after work
didn't mow the lawn
LOVES, ADORES, and generally WORSHIPS Fridays!
wishes LOST were on every night
is doing stuff
is back at work... and thankful for living in the US
is thinking this painting project will never end
is eating lunch and booking some face time... or facing some book time. No facebooking some time... timing facebook. Oh heck you know what I mean
is done with lunch - back to work
is going home
watching the news - can't believe how depraved people are
is listening to the rain
is... you don't want to know
is better
would rather be home
waiting for this coat to dry... then can put the furniture back... then do that last corner. Will it ever end?
checkin out the new home page
Painting is done! Headboard attached! Bed in place! Thanks, Whit! Now... declutter and redecorate?
absolutely nothing
to buy a mattress or not buy a mattress. THAT is the question.
finally got to see Slumdog Millionaire last night. What a great movie!
is sad that spring break is almost over... not that I got a break from work, but I did get a break from traffic and little munchkins at work
is thinking that all those air mattresses in the gym are sure going to make it hard not to steal a nap after lunch
I wish I could pop my neck like mom can
thinkin' it's time for bed.... soooo sleepy
It's warmer than I thought it would be today! Yeah!
ARGH!!! 1 - long day at work with limited internet access. 2 - phone message at home that yet another Curves that I go to is closing AS OF TODAY. 3 - Another fishy funeral... Mikey's dead!
just updating status
I was just going through suggesting friends for someone and kept running across Amy after Amy in my friends list. Reminds me of freshman year at McM when all those TIP pledges had to yell "Amy!" when they saw a member named Amy... and there were so many!
Half day Friday! Woohoo!
to sneeze or not to sneeze
back pain... ugh
Seems like a lot of people are having rough weeks and looking forward to the weekend... hope it gets better!
Migraine in the morning, hip pain in the afternoon... shouldn't I be too young for this??
Okay I'm going to stop complaining about pain.... starting..... NOW.
Trying to figure out whether Twitter is worth the tweet
Friday! Friday! Friday!
catching up on what's going on with people
I have wasted this WHOLE DAY. :)
Had a great day!
soooo sleeepy
is satisfied
home from the home tour... procrastinating
um... shouldn't this day be over already?
Give us green hands... give us green feet... let us mow the lawn when it's weeettt.... everybody sing now: O God, let us be... a generation that mows... that mows the lawn before now...
Eating Oatmeal. Playing with Photoshop (it is actually WORK).
So much to do before Houston... so little time!
Publisher just locked up and lost the print version of E-News. ARGH. Time for a FB break!
in Houston for the weekend
Found out why there are always furballs when I come home from work.... Mable digging in the shag rug. :)
Thanks to Wren and Rick for the afternoon Sonic run!
Just finished watching LOST... I'm so glad no one ever stays dead.
Enter my office at your own risk today
Sonic Diet Coke. Toblerone Dark Chocolate. Feeling better. But don't push it.
somebody threw up a bunch o' lazy dog in here
Home from the Catalyst conference... a lot to think about!
is it lunch time yet??
I was going to go to bed early tonight - what happened??
Really wish it were time to go home... can you tell?
eatin' pretzels
It's Friday! And it's a 3-day weekend! For the rest of the summer!
just finished up in the yard, showered, now going to run errands
watching Q&A with the pastors on live feed
getting ready for blessing of the pets
Back from Blessing of the Pets, Botanical Gardens, Sonic... pics to follow.
Watching Hitch... I forgot how funny this movie was...
Got a call from Mom and Dad... they'll be headed into Denali tomorrow morning. Sounds like they're having fun...
I'm really glad God doesn't go bankrupt.
Why, oh why, isn't this Friday??
Back to work after a nice long weekend...
mmmm..... salmon and asparagus....
just made a birthday wish for her 35th birthday.
Donni rocks for donating to my birthday wish!
What a great weekend! Started with a birthday surprise, ended with a trip to the Kimbell, with an awesome evening of symphony and fire works/lasers sandwiched in between!
tick tock... this day is forever long!!
TODAY is my birthday. I have only one birthday wish, please donate to OMEGA MISSION INTERNAT
Thank you all for your birthday wishes today! (My apologies if the automatic Cause updates drove you nuts like they did me.) And a shout out to Donni, Anne, Melburn and Brian who donated to Omega Mission... you guys rock!
It's VBS week at work and six dogs week at home. Friday can't come soon enough!
nap time!
It's Friday! Screaming children are going home... extra dogs are going home... nice, quiet weekend to come!
Dad just killed a huge wasp nest by my front door! I didn't even know it was there!
Remembering McMurry band moments while listening to the Boston Pops play Sousa
Celebrating "Everybody Pick on Kelly Inman"
Kenya tea time
baby lizards!!!
I forgot to tell Mable happy birthday this morning! She came to live with me 12 years ago today!
Anyone know of a good *free* online file storage/sharing service?
I want to be lazy... but these dogs refuse to do housework while I'm at work. So... off to do the laundry I guess.
Mable has a corneal ulcer
Welcome to the family baby Trey!!
just realized this makes Bob a GREAT-Grandfather!!
I was going to tackle the office today. So far... um no.
It wasn't supposed to get this hot today!
Jury duty tomorrow. Ugh. Ya'll let me know if I've complained about this enough yet.
Everyone in County Criminal Court #1 settled their issues without my assistance. Had lunch with Melinda. Back at work in time for a 1:30 staff meeting. Yeah!
Keegan has his driver's permit! Watch out world!
The church has a few Women of Faith tickets left!!! The cost is $75 for Friday evening and all day Saturday. August 21-22. Get yours ASAP - 817-481-2559!
Meg is scared - rain, rain, rain. Mable is uninterested - licking paws I'm signing off - taking a weekend off from the computer See you Monday!
Home from H town
Internet access is up!
I miss Bejeweled! :(
mmm... fried apple pie. bad me.
What if Bejeweled NEVER comes back? *gasp*
FB is painfully slow today!
Should be asleep... gonna watch Letterman first though!
working on slides for Sunday
uploading ss lessons
done reminiscing now... gonna go do something productive... maybe.
ultimate cow tongue frisbee. only in texas.
took over an hour to get *most* of Meg's hair out of my car... even with the super-duper vacuums at the car wash...
gonna call it a day...
everything is relative... everything up for debate... everything "depends"
listenin' to the carpenters
thanks for the dc rick!
still listening to the carpenters...
anyone know how to hide all app updates on the fb home page?
Welcome to the family Flannery!!
had the best intentions this morning... so far nada
Another weekend gone and not much to show for it... but at least I have something clean to wear tomorrow. Just don't drop by the house. You'll have to fight the dust-bunnies for access to the couch.
All the staff ladies in the office this morning are wearing peach. We didn't even call each other!
Parental units come today
Today's my Friday... eek I have too much to do!
El Fenix, loong nap, now to go hear about Kenyan missions
M&D gone... just catching up on all the status updates. I don't know how you guys are old enough to have Kindergartners starting school today, much less 10th graders. I'm certainly not that old!
SWAMPED! Plus it's like a gazillion degrees in this office!
Vet says Mable is "past her expiration date"
stuffed up
lunch with Dana today!!
I would like my head to quit hurting now. Thank you.
There was a little glimmer of hope that it might be an ear infection, curable by antibiotics.... but no. I'm buying stock in Advil. Anyone in?
Kellie and I are prepping to head to Mesquite for Kenley's 6th birthday party! Camilla better have lots of pizza... I'm still hungry even after my oatmeal!
It was a good day. We were surprised to see a zebra in someone's backyard in Colleyville. If you're rich enough to own a pet zebra, you need to give some money away. Like to me.
Go grocery shopping... or not?
I'm not cut out to be a maid. My feet hurt!
My house smells like dog. Uber dog.
I don't wanna go to bed cuz that means the weekend is over... *sigh*
Is it strange that I just had the sensation of wishing it were Christmas time?
Good meeting at work today... pay day... rain stopped... chicken express for dinner... doesn't get much better than that!
I have the song from the Early Show stuck in my head... a lot happens Early.
Two things I'm tired of: rain and headaches. Two things I'm ready for: to push "print" and vacation.
I hadn't planned to watch Survivor this season, but I seem to be doing it anyway...
Is anyone a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution? Opinions? Pros? Cons?
What to do, what to do....
My mind is on vacation, but my body is still at work.
Going to Cheddar's. Anyone wanna guess what I'm gonna order?
Is it naptime yet?
Greek Fest!
500 things to do in 5 days
three more days before vacation!
Last day of work! Then ROAD TRIP!
Calhoun, Georgia.
On today's agenda: courthouse, library, archives, Gideon land, Gideon cemetery, Fite cemetery
Forgot to take pics of Gus and Sugar... the Henderson's bloodhounds. They were happy for the opportunity to slobber all over me. :)
Today: Court house, library, Damascus church, New Echota, outlet mall, covered bridge, Dallas (GA) B&B
Had a big breakfast at the B&B, then headed to Douglasville. Douglas County Library. Now a nap (maybe?). Later a cemetery (maybe?). Food sometime.
Today we visited with Thelma Pate and visited the Oliver Gaines Barron homeplace. Cool.
Georgia Archives.
Today: driving.
Enough driving for today. Still feel like I'm moving, but I'm sitting on the bed.
Home to Texas today!!!
Home now. Back at work. Busy!
Mmm.... Starbuck's....
Thanks, Dr. Ratliff, for undoing the damage done by driving too much. I heart my chiropractor.
I have nothing to say.
Does anyone know if Christian Ministries (aka Religious Life) is going to have a reunion at homecoming?
Four more hours of work.... then ALA CUMBA!
McM wins. Tech wins. UT wins. Sounds like a good day for football... if you like that sorta thing. :)
Why do I always get stuffy when I come to Homecoming? Is it the motel room air? the bonfire air? am I allergic to Abilene??
just the teensiest bit overwhelmed
Remembering sweet Maxine McGregor this afternoon...
What am I doing next weekend? Funny you should ask! Just hanging out with the girls... in New York.


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