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Marysville - Liberty - Prospect

On this Memorial Day weekend, I decided to use my Saturday to visit my ancestors in the "boonies." We have many family members buried in Cooke, Montague, Clay and other neighboring counties. I had planned to visit four cemeteries, but we (the dogs and I) were quite tired by the time we finished at the second one, so I decided to just do one more and call it a day.

We started out north toward Gainesville around 10:30 AM. First stop was to be Marysville, TX. According to a website I found, the Daughters of the Confederacy had a ceremony out there at the beginning of May, so I figured their driving directions were probably more concise than the vague descriptions I had found elsewhere. Turns out I should have stuck with consulting Google Maps. I turned north off of Hwy 82 west of Gainesville onto FM2739. That part was fine. The instructions then said to "follow CR 417 on into town." Um, yeah. That makes it sound like "town" is not too far on CR 417…