Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So I was helping a friend get her blog set up and I realized how much I like the blogger interface... I've been using MySpace for a while but I'm a little tired of all the fluff. Maybe I can get back into blogging here... we'll see.
I watched Dr. Randy Pausch deliver his "Last Lecture" - it's a little long but worth the watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo. This is a series of lectures given under the auspices of "what would you say if it was your last chance." In his case, it may just be his last chance. He has pancreatic cancer, a disease which progresses rapidly towards death. My PePaw died of it back in the late 70's when they had far less treatment than they do now. Anywho... worth the watch.
In other news... the forthcoming tax rebate checks are on the brain lately. Mine is already designated to go toward dental work that I need done, but you may not have decided what to do with yours yet. Here's a thought that my church is doing...
Take Your Rebate Check on a Giving Spree!

Beginning in May, many of us will be receiving a tax rebate check in the mail. It is designed to stimulate the economy. The government hopes we will spend our checks quickly and freely and give our economy a boost. Some will spend their checks on consumer goods, some will save them, some may use them to pay off debt but no matter what you do, we’d like to suggest you remember to give 10% to the church and we will take that portion on a Christ-honoring Giving Spree!

We will take that resource and use it for good: clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, bringing justice to someone in need. Our plan is to use the funds you give to meet the needs of children in our community. We will work with GRACE and others to seek out the most pressing, important and immediate needs.

Please make a note on your gifts, “Tax Rebate Tithe”, so we will know where to direct these funds.

Our staff originally had the idea of using 10% of the rebate for missions, then we came across the "Giving Spree" idea originated by Ariah Fine.
He's also written a book... I may have to check that out too.