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I used to be so good at having thoughts. What happened to that? Seems like I just work, work, work... then veg when I get home and don't ever think critically enough to write a blog with substance.

I have a sore throat.


Starting a new e-zine at work... and I'm not even going to have time to write content! Farming it out to other people.

What happened to the writer within? I think someone's holding her hostage.


I've been searching for our family in the 1940 census... have found some. Will wait for search to be available for others.

My, what has changed in the last 72 years. My great-grandparents' home was valued at $2,000. I've seen pictures of it... it was not a dive.

Also found out this weekend that some of the other Dingler descendants settled in Sidney before the Bryants moved to Texas... wondering if they even knew that their distant cousins were in the same teeny tiny Texas town?? They must have.