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So I did end up creating a Facebook group for our Gideon descendants, but so far it hasn't been as successful as our Zogg group is. I think the Gideons just got too spread out, the Giddens/Gideon name confused everyone, and no one knows where they belong. We are having an on-going discussion with distant cousins via e-mail, but I get the feeling we're spinning our wheels a bit. I could ask, "What's the point?" But then I'd be asking that question about genealogical research as a whole. I guess the point is curiosity... and some people are just more curious than others.

Lots of Gideon descendants heard all kinds of stories about having Cherokee blood. I always took it for a fact, until one day my mom's cousins told her that they just made up that story to see if anyone would believe it. But somehow other lines (who had never met these nefarious cousins) heard similar stories. Could this be why we can't trace the lineage of Lillie Parks? Is she Cherokee…