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I Heart SNC

If for no other reason than all those guys are HOT.

Amy gave me a Christmas CD (for Christmas, obviously) and opened my eyes to a new old group. Straight No Chaser is a group of 10 guys that sing acapella. Apparently they were a hit at Indiana when they were in college... the group formed about the same time I graduated from McM. Anywhoser... they're hot and they can sing. So check their website! Good times.

Christmas Presents

I don't think any of my family reads this blog, so I could probably safely discuss details of their Christmas presents on here. But just in case they do, I'll refrain. Suffice it to say that I have SO MUCH to do in the next two weeks!

This year at work/church we are focusing on giving more of yourself and spending less at Christmas... meaning trying to give more relational gifts instead of worrying about how much money you spent (or didn't spend). I'm confident that my sister and mom will both like their gifts, but I'm still struggling on what to get for Dad. He tends to like more practical gifts, but those aren't exactly relational. Last year I gave him things like "5 favorite meals" - but he never redeemed them. It's hard to redeem things like that when you don't live close to each other.

So the hunt for the perfect idea continues. Meanwhile my neck and shoulders are sore (from activities related to mom's gift) and I'm continuing…

I Hate Being a Girl

You never know whether you're crying because there's dust in the air, your WI is suffering, you're lonely, your JL is gone or you're just PMSing. I hate it.

Something just blew in and my eyes won't quit burning. It doesn't help that they were watering anyway. I'm missing Jenny L. today... wishing my weekly confidante lunch was still a reality. I wrote her a note to get it off my chest... it just made me cry more.

Then Whitney came in, walked past my door without saying hi, and closed herself up in her office. I know what this means, unfortunately. I haven't seen her since I left to go home for Thanksgiving... a week today. And the fact that she's not speaking to me can only mean that she's suffering in silence about Steve.

So I'm just spending the last few minutes of my day wiping the tears out of my eyes... whether they are there because of girl emotions or whether they are allergies... who knows! But I have a feeling I know why they&…