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2009 In Status Updates January-October

is recovering from the Big D NYE
is back at work.
has been playing games all night
is wasting away a Saturday
is recovering
is eating lunch
is going back to work
is dreading going out in the cold
is working on the Rotary bulletin
is back at work... again.
is soooo sleeeepy
is watching Law & Order
is reading about reverse sneezing as Meg has been doing it often the last couple of days
is just workin'
is hoping I don't have food poisoning
is NOT hurling
is content
is glad it's the weekend!!
is getting rid of all signs of Christmas
is working on genealogy
... another day another dollar
just heard that Lockney High School burned down... how sad!
is doing stuff
has already seen this episode of House
is wondering how I can get less frustrated.... and fast!
is leaving the frustration behind for a 3-day weekend
is still in her pajamas
is existing
is watching Meg stalk Mikey
is woooorkkkking... ho hum
wanted to spend this day in bed
is planning vacation
is watching the ice melt
is eating a Reese's Whipps …

Roses and thorns

So thanks to Lorie for this idea... she and her family share roses and thorns at dinner each evening. Well, those "children" with whom I eat dinner (i.e. dogs) can't share roses and thorns, so I'll just do it by myself on here! So for today... rose - new computer game (Age of Empires III). Thorn - got absolutely nothing done this evening! :)

Wonder what this will do?

Click here for untitledFirst test worked... status updates updated. Except it doesn't include blogger on status updates. So trying this... I think it should post everywhere (Blog, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter).