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Movie Library

I haven't watched many movies lately. It's a cold, overcast day outside... and I saw Billy Crystal talking about the 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride last night... so I decided to pull out The Princess Bride and watch it at least once today. To my horror, when I opened up my movie cabinet, everything was out of order! Not sure how that happened... but now that I've rectified the situation, I'm wondering... what does your movie library say about you? Me? I think mine says I like happy endings. Most of the time. Here's my library... what movie(s) should I add?

A Mighty Wind Alex & Emma The Day After Tomorrow Down With Love Elf Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Failure to Launch Fern Gully Fifty First Dates Glee (Season 1) Hairspray He Said, She Said Hitch The Holiday Just Like Heaven IQ The Lake House The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Love Actually Lucky Seven Matchmaker Mona Lisa Smile Moulin Rouge Much Ado About Nothing Must Love Dogs My Best Friend's Wedding My Big Fa…