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I'm floored at the way God works. We had a chat tonight that was supposed to be about Mike's sermon this morning. We had trouble with our chat server and ended up relocating to Crosswalk and running into a teenage guy from Nefoundland who was really on fire for God! We talked about the things that all Christians struggle with... being real to people, struggling with sin, reaching people for Christ, following God's calling. It's amazing how Christians on different sides of the world are all working for the same things. God has such a masterpiece going here... how He's weaving everything together to accomplish His victory that we know is coming.

Another example of this is how my class work has been going right along with things we've talked about at Aldersgate. Examples? Our Sunday school class talked about the Quaker's use of clearness committees. I wouldn't have even known what that was, except that we read about it in class last wee…
To the Next Level
This is an example of the "bridging" website strategy described in my last blog. This site was referenced in the NY Times article. Great example!
Tucked Behind the Home Page, a Call to Worship
This is an excellent article that presents the "bridging strategy" - that is, a strategy among Christian web designers to attract visitors through secular information. The idea is that you attract a wider audience of people by creating a website about, say, sports. Then you include Christian content that people come across as they explore the site. In my opinion, this lets pre-Christians see how faith can relate to their daily life.

In order to read the article (linked to the title above), you may have to register on the NY Times website, but it's free and it's well worth the time and effort.

We will be having a chat about such things as the bridging strategy and web evangelism at the Aldersgate chat room on Thursday, February 5, at 9:00 p.m. CST. Click on the link to Aldersgate Church to the right of this post, then follow the "community" link to the chat room.
Living Offline
This has been a nice day... one spent not in front of the computer as most of my days are. Sometimes it's refreshing to step out of your world and experience the lives of others. I spent this afternoon with a friend I hadn't seen in a while, just visiting and looking at houses as she contemplates buying. The times we invest in the lives of others are often the most rejuvenating times in our lives. I find that if I'm feeling lazy or depressed or sad or angry (or any number of other negative emotions), it always helps if I take my focus off of ME!

In general, life is just better all around if we're not self-absorbed. As a single person, I find it very easy to get caught up in my own life and forget to consider those around me. It's been good to be reminded today that there is life outside of Melissia.

On another note...
In class we've been talking about the way that Christians should view new media. By "new media" I mean all of the…
Being Offensive
I've been thinking alot about being offensive lately. Really, I've just been in the mood to be offensive. I know that sounds strange, but sometimes you just feel like ranting about things that you know will tick people off.

For example, I'd like to rant about people in the church being petty and insulting other Christians when they are doing God's work. I'd like to rant about the fact that there are 1000 butts in the seats on Sunday mornings, but no one to help out with the children. I'd like to rant about how non-Christians are never going to see Jesus in us as long as we're arguing with each other. I'd like to rant about how we can't seem to get past "the way it's always been done" in order to reach people that were never reached through "the way it's always been done."

I really would like to go off and offend some people... but I can't. You know why? Because I'd offend myself in the proces…
Wired News: MyDoom Spawns More Potent Variant
If you're concerned about the MyDoom virus, here is an article that should help explain the problems it will cause. Please, please, please... be vigilant in opening attachments. If you fear that you've opened an attachment that contains the virus, please make sure you rid your computer of it by this Sunday, February 1. If you're not sure how to do that, e-mail me and I'll try to help you out.
FitDay - Online Diet & Fitness Manager
This site's pretty cool... you put in all the things you've eaten and all the things you've done and it tells you how many calories you've used and how many you've taken in. That way if you eat a gargantuan piece of chocolate cake you can find out how many miles you have to walk/run to make up for it. Scary, but useful. And it's FREE! Free is our friend. - Weblogs
I feel bad for not really blogging regularly. We've been talking about blogging amongst ourselves within the leadership at Aldersgate (see link above), and Steve and Mike are really doing well at keeping up with theirs. I guess I worry that my "journaling" tends to be too personal to want to publish. I guess I'll leave the juicy stuff for my bed-side journals!

Today my thoughts have been on evangelism. We had a live simulcast of Elevate on Saturday. It was a great conference, featuring Victoria Jackson, Peggy Wehmeyer, Kirk Cameron, Janet Parshall, and Josh McDowell. The point of the whole day was to elevate your thinking so that you see people and their situations through God's eyes. There were plenty of tips and ideas for talking with non-Christians about why we believe what we do. It also challenged me to not disregard current events, politics, and the culture around me. I tend to get in my own little world and not keep up …