On Walls

I'm not sure whether to thank The One Who Shall Remain Nameless for getting me to blog again... or to be indignant that TOWSRN has given me so many reasons to rant. I really don't like to be annoyed. But boy am I.

Today's topic: walls. I was watching Cristela Alonzo's latest Netflix comedy special last night and she addressed the topic of the wall along the Mexican border in such a great way. Bottom line: what makes you think your wall is going to keep people who want to get here out? They climb over fences, swim oceans, dig tunnels... all your wall will do is give them a new workout routine. Determined. That's what they are.

I can't help but remember the famous speech by President Reagan at the wall in Berlin... "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" I was just a kid, but I still remember it. And I also remember the day the wall in Berlin actually did come down, and I was so proud of humanity that day. About as proud as I am disgusted with TOWSRN.

Beyond all the negative symbolism of building walls, barriers, separation, etc. there's also the terrible cost. Billions of dollars. I'm reminded of Cindy Ryan's article encouraging people to think about how many kids they could feed with the $200 or so that they were spending on homecoming mums. What uproar! Don't mess with our mums! Okay. Don't mess with homecoming mums. But really? BILLIONS of dollars? There's not another thing in the entire world that would be BETTER to spend that money on? Really?

I just. can't. even.



Patty said…
Great post? Great question? The import tax will end up being paid by persons living in America not elsewhere. If there is money to build this wall here in Ameeica, whynot use it to fed the gomeless, provide healthcare. Americans dont want tax money going there but to a wall instead...my heart breaks. Let us find ways to help others and make a difference in our world!

Reagan quote great point too!

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